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Gavin is a senior communications leader with 15+ years of experience helping organizations build brand awareness and effectively "tell their story" using the latest digital, social, and media channels. In 2015, he was recognized with PRWeek's "40 Under 40" Award for digital leadership and innovation.
Gavin’s professional passions have taken him to the helm of a-list companies across the country. His varied, yet targeted creative experience has ranged from running cutting edge corporate communications, spear heading digital media campaigns that literally save lives to running some of television's most revered and longest-running shows.

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A healthy obsession with creative story-telling and production management.

Gavin's experience encompasses more than 15 years of getting his hands dirty in direction, production management, writing and editing for television, advertising and film.

In addition to working in the trenches, he also has years of experience working as a post production supervisor, show runner, creative director and editor.

Additional reel samples available by request.

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E-mail: gavin.portnoy@gmail.com
Website: www.mediaballyhoo.com